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Warranty and Repair Service


We offer a lifetime warranty for all manufacturer defects.

(Hardware excluded)

Warranty claim step 1:
To request a warranty claim please fill out the Warranty Form below:
Warranty claim step 2:
Please allow for 5-10 business days to assess the claim. Depending on the situation, we might ask you to send us your bag to inspect further.

If the defect complies with our warranty policy, we will replace the item free of charge and return it to your mentioned return address.
If the defect does not comply with our warranty policy, You can use our Repair Service to get your bag repaired. 
We will provide you with an estimate before we proceed with any repairs.

Repair Service:


Please fill out the Repair Form below to ensure the product is in fact repairable. Each repair is different, and fees will be discussed and agreed upon before the start of the repair process.


You then will be given a REP number to include on the Repair Form that you will include in your package. Please ship the product to the address below.

Please send the bag including the REP number to:
Fabrik 918 LLC.
Attn: Repair
2292 Faraday Avenue, STE 100
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Once we receive your item, we will contact you and proceed with repair production. Payment for the repair must be processed before the item being returned to you.
Repair Form: 
Still have questions?
Contact us at: