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Designed and built from the inside out.


Step into our intimate luxury leather atelier, where each creation is an artisanal journey, guided by the philosophy "Crafted from the Inside Out." Rooted in deep research and personal connection, our process prioritizes functionality and protection seamlessly woven into timeless designs, each bag meticulously crafted around its intended content.

With a tactile selection of the finest leather and enduring hardware, our bags become lifelong companions. Quick-access pockets and padded laptop compartments are carefully integrated, ensuring practicality without compromising our artistic style. In this atelier, each piece is a personal masterpiece, embodying the profound connection between the artisan, material, and beholder.

Handcrafted one by one.

All Fabrik 918 bags are 100% hand crafted in Turkey.

Every material is carefully selected and has been handpicked to compliment each other.



100% European Genuine Leather, small pebbled grain finish




Durable micro suede lining, each collection has its own unique shade, carefully selected to complement the exterior of each bag.



Country of Origins


Leather: Locally sourced (Turkey).

Lining: Locally sourced (Turkey).

Zipper: United States of America

Custom hardware: China

Packaging: United States of America


Build for lifelong companionship.

All FABRIK918 bags are carefully handcrafted one by one in Turkey. We chose a small family atelier that values craftsmanship and lives up to our high standards. All materials are carefully selected and have been handpicked to complement each other.

Lifetime Warranty


We offer a lifetime warranty on all manufacturer defects.

Note: Hardware excluded.


Care and Repair Service


Only the best for your devoted companion.

Our care and repair service allows you to send in your companion if he needs some pampering down the road to keep him healthy and happy.


Custom Hardware


From the interior layout, construction, architecture, zipper, leather, lining, hardware all the way to the dustbag - each part has been custom crafted to precision.


Obsessed With Details

In the world of contemporary craftsmanship, we wholeheartedly champion the belief that it's the finer details that truly count.

Adopting a sleek and cohesive design language, we meticulously finesse every curve, stitch, and proportion to give each Fabrik 918 bag a distinctive edge. Our mission goes beyond creating functional and protective carriers for your digital essentials; it's about infusing every piece with an inherently timeless and singular modernity.

Each bag is not just an accessory but a statement—a fresh and unique expression in the dynamic intersection of form and function.