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We build essentials for the modern human.


Swiss Born.

Designed in California.

Welcome to Fabrik 918, where style meets substance. Founded and operated by a passionate team, we're all about celebrating craftsmanship and individuality. Based in California, our designs fuse global inspiration with timeless cool, catering to the modern individual.

Our handcrafted bags aren't just accessories; they're expressions of artistry and empowerment. Made by skilled artisans from a family-owned studio outside of Istanbul, each piece tells a story of tradition and dedication. From meticulous detailing to carefully selected materials, every aspect is crafted with precision and purpose to serve as functional, protective everyday essentials that last a lifetime.

Whether you're rocking our sophisticated totes or versatile crossbodies, you're making a statement. You're saying, "I appreciate quality. I value authenticity. I embody effortless style."





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