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The 0.5 ml


The AirTag keychain

Introducing our AirTag Keychain – the ultimate accessory designed to elevate your tracking experience while seamlessly blending into your daily life. This sleek and versatile keychain is crafted to secure your AirTag, providing a stylish solution for keeping tabs on your keys, bags, or luggage.

The simple silhouette keeps the AirTag locked in place and protected while allowing quick access to change the battery. 

To learn more about what the AirTag is all about click here.

Keyring included - AirTag is not included.


Lifetime Warranty & Repair Service

We offer a lifetime warranty on all manufacturer defects. We also offer a repair service for down the road upkeep.

Built to fit up to a 16" Laptop

The only bag that is built from the inside out. Our bags are designed and engineered to offer maximum protection for your tools when on the go.

Custom Hardware

Obsessed with details we design and craft our own custom hardware. Because we believe the perfect bag offers a unique and luxurious experience on every touch point.

Handcrafted one by one.

All Fabrik 918 bags are 100% hand crafted in Turkey.

Every material is carefully selected and has been handpicked to compliment each other.

Each bag comes with it's custom tailored dustbag to match.

Obsessed with details.

Shop our matching accessories.

The 0.5 ml

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