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Our Craft




Designed and built from the inside out. 

After an extensive research phase, we started to layout different use cases with multiple items. We then built and designed functionality and protection into it. Our focus was on easy-access ability and flexible usage of space - always in harmony with timeless design.

Using only the finest leather and long lasting hardware, these bags are made for lifelong companionship. They come with handy features like quick-access pockets and padded laptop pockets - never compromising on style.







Build for lifelong companionship.

All FABRIK918 bags are carefully handcrafted one by one in Turkey. We chose a small family atelier that values craftsmanship and lives up to our high standards. All materials are carefully selected and have been handpicked to complement each other.


Lifetime Warranty,

We offer a lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defects.

Care and Repair Service

Only the best for your devoted companion. That's why we offer our care and repair service for any down the road pampering needed.









We develop our own hardware.

From the interior layout, construction, architecture, zipper, leather, lining, hardware all the way to the dustbag - each part has been custom crafted to precision.